1 object x 8 installations

Sketches for the MOHA festival at the Veemtheatre, Amsterdam, that will take place mid November till mid December 2016.

In this edition I will work on more monumental, architectual installations and pop-up designs on a larger scale based on theory of the ‘Roof’. Working inside the theatre space, with the neighborhood, experiment with set designs that are foldable and transportable and can be used both inside and outside. This project will allow me to extend the concept of pop-up—its ability to transform, to play with the border lines between our imagination and reality, to come into existence and then to vanish.

Media type: Installation / Pop-up design
Location: Veemtheatre Amsterdam
Client: MOHA Project
In collaboration with: Zsofia Paczolay (architect)

Many thanks to: Jan Beentjes (urban planner)