February 2nd, 2018
D’un animal, L’autre – Residence

D’un Animal, l’autre est un projet de résidence de territoire financé par la DRAC Occitanie, le programme européen Leader, La communauté des communes du Pays de Mirepoix.

Les artistes Eric de Sarria et Merel Noorlander se sont immergés pendant deux mois, à l’automne 2016 dans le Pays de Mirepoix pour réaliser un projet participatif autour de l’animalité.

Les traces
Fruit de leur résidence, l’installation proposée rend compte en objets et en images des temps de rencontres, d’échanges, de travail avec les habitants.

En vidéo
Retour sur la résidence en vidéo avec un document ressource réalisé par Eric Massua, artiste vidéo et photographe.




July 21st, 2017
D’un animal, l’autre @ festival D’animalité, MIMA 2017

The Bureau d’Investigation will rise again at MIMA Festival 2017 amongst a beautiful program of theatre and art. A place to wander around between site-specific objects, maps, mechanical pop-up installations, performances and lectures by Eric de Sarria and Merel Noorlander, video of our research by Rico Massua.

You are very welcome to visit us from 3 up to 6 August in Mirepoix, south of France!
For the full program of the festival, click here.



June 15th, 2017
Exhibition at No Studio

Exhibition AMBIGUITY at NO STUDIO from 7 June until 15 July 2017.

The exhibition consists of work by Merel Noorlander (mechanical pop-up installation), Arash Fakhim (ceramics), Itamar Gilboa (installation), Koolen & van de Lande (ceramics) and Floor Nijdeken (weave instsallation). All the presented works are made of materials that are often used in design and craft.

No Studio consits of a work place for creatives and an exhibition space for (young) talent. The first exhibition in this industrial setting is inspired by No Studio itself: a place where the boundaries between autonomous and applied art fade.
Address: Donker Curtiusstraat 13 | 1051 JM Amsterdam | Open: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 1 and 5 pm and by appointment. Contact: Mette Samkalden | mail: mette@s-i-a-p.nl





April 25th, 2017
The Inside Out, The Outside In – video registration
video registration

A saltwater basin, growing clay sculptures, mechanical pop-up installations, light and sound. Three autonomous works by three different artists move, change over time, influence one another, connect with each other and form an unexpected whole that exceed the sum of the parts. The Inside Out, The Outside In is inspired by the works of philosopher Donna Haraway, who writes about the perception of time and the possibility of Chthulucene, a state of complete symbiosis between different organisms.

Location: Quartair Contemporary Art Initiative, The Hague.

Special thanks to: Umberto Ceriani – video.

March 21st, 2017
The Inside Out, The Outside In – reviews

Kitsch met een Boodschap


recensie in en out


March 16th, 2017
The Inside Out, The Outside In // pop-up objects

Three mechanically driven pop-up objects hang above the pool, in a continuous motion but unpredictable timeframe transforming from 2D to 3D, powered by engines and timers. Their inner shapes and materials reflect kaleidoscopic patterns of color on the walls, water surface, ceramics and ceilings, when folding open. At this point the light hits the inner structure of the objects and reflect a new layer that will appear and disappear in a continuous but ever changing cycle. Hence this kaleidoscopic effect does not have a fixed projection screen or a strict mechanism of lenses, but is in constant change, and in relation with all parts of the whole, which will influence the angles of light,  the shape of the projection surfaces, colors, etc. Therefore the audience is invited to understand light, time, the environment and its parts, not as separate things with primarily intrinsic qualities, but as elements which are constantly morphing, mutating and in dialogue.

Developed for the exhibition The Inside Out, The Outside In. With this show we present three works which are interacting, moving, changing, and creating through their interaction one heterogeneous piece, combining a large shallow saltwater basin (Mirko Lazovic), mechanically driven pop-up objects (Merel Noorlander) and several clay sculptures (Ana Oosting) which gradually become encrusted by a layer of salt.

Media type: Installation, pop-ups
Location and host: Quartair Contemporary Art Initiative, Toussaintkade 55, The Hague

The Inside Out, The Outside In is a project by Merel Noorlander, Ana Oosting, Mirko Lazovic.
This project is kindly supported by STROOM, Stichting Stokroos and Gemeente Den Haag.

December 29th, 2016
D’un animal, l’autre at This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

Performance and installation D’un animal, l’autre is based on the residency in south of France about animality. Customers got an one on-to-one consult about their animality and a personal receipt.

Merel Noorlander explores the possibilities of pop-up mechanics with performance and stop-motion animation. She studies and develops pop-up installations and costumes in which she creates portable and moving objects with a sophisticated mechanism. During TAF she presents her nostalgic metamorphoses with objects, tools, maps and pop-ups as a walk-in-consultation. The visitors receives a questionnaire before they have a personal consult about their animality. The work is based on a recent Residency in France, where Noorlander did an artistic ethological- and anthropological research (in collaboration with Eric de Sarria and MIMA) for animality in man and the relationship between humans and animals.

This Art Fair is an Amsterdam based art fair offering a platform for talented artists to show and sell their works – with or without gallery. This year over 120 artists will present their works, in media ranging from painting and performance to video and photography.

MILK is an experimental platform for performance and installation art based in Amsterdam. During the TAF 2016, they presented the artists: Merel Noorlander, Allard Medema, Kirsten Heshusius and Art van Triest.

Performance 27 and 28 December between 17 – 19 u // installation 27 until 30 December from 13 – 22 uur.

Media type: Installation, performance
Location: This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage,  Damrak 243 Amsterdam
Presented by: MILK Amsterdam.

img_7177img_7178  img_7195 img_7202img_4017



July 9th, 2016
Lady-in-waiting pop-up book

The pop-up book is a handheld version of my installation work Lady-in-waiting, and will be presented by artist bookstores in Amsterdam, launch autumn 2016.

Media type: Pop-up design / artist book
Materials:  cardboard, paper, 20 x 15 cm

5D. Example pop-up book launch

July 5th, 2016
1 object x 8 installations

Sketches for the MOHA festival at the Veemtheatre, Amsterdam, that will take place mid November till mid December 2016.

In this edition I will work on more monumental, architectual installations and pop-up designs on a larger scale based on theory of the ‘Roof’. Working inside the theatre space, with the neighborhood, experiment with set designs that are foldable and transportable and can be used both inside and outside. This project will allow me to extend the concept of pop-up—its ability to transform, to play with the border lines between our imagination and reality, to come into existence and then to vanish.

Media type: Installation / Pop-up design
Location: Veemtheatre Amsterdam
Client: MOHA Project
In collaboration with: Zsofia Paczolay (architect)

Many thanks to: Jan Beentjes (urban planner)

December 7th, 2014
Havenhoofd Purmerende

Glasscollage for the new busstation Tramplein at Purmerend. The design consists of a transparent print with historic imagery, enclosed in laminated glass. The collage presents a series of historic images from the archives of Stichting Historisch Purmerend and Trammuseum Haarlem, combined with drawings from the artist own hand. Noorlander created a unifying aesthetics in which the past is connected with the present.

Tramplein just got a nominations for the Arie Keppler Prijs, an important contest for environmental quality in (non)residential constructions, urban design, landscape planning and cultural history in the North of Holland. The final winners will be announced 23rd of September 2016.

For more info about Tramplein please click here.

Media type: Collage | Glas Design
Location: Tramplein Purmerend
Client: Gemeente Purmerend
In collaboration with: NEXT Architects | Marco Cops, Wiseguys (Production supervisor) |  Luna X

Special thanks to: Ingrid GoversVereniging Historisch Purmerend and NZH Vervoermuseum

December 7th, 2014
pop-up installation

INSTALLATION Elaborating on the idea of sexual pleasure as a common good, Merel Noorlander uses 19th century anatomical drawings to produce a series of pop-up objects that, as machines, are powered by sexual lust and seduction. They function as autonomous creatures, giving the work a fragile and shaky dynamism. The penis as the ubiquitous tyrant becomes a vulnerable organism, sprouting or hiding behind its paper jacket. 4. Pop - up book launch II 1-3

PERFORMANCE During a surrealistic performance in one of the black brothel rooms of MILK, the audience itself were encouraged to relinquish its own experience of lust. The individual visitor got seduced as a customer, asking him or her to pick their own theme: an organ of choice. Complete surrender followed – research, concept and performance in collaboration with performers Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky (MOHA).

ARTICLES about the artistic research in De Nieuwe (VUUR issue), please click here for the complete text. Read also more on Red Studio Diaries and watch the video of the opening at MILK Amsterdam.

Media type: mechanical pop-up installation | performance | costume
Location residency: MILK Amsterdam art and performance venue, Red-light district, Amsterdam
Exhibit: MILK Amsterdam  | Arti et Amicitiae  | EYE Filmmuseum  | BAUT ZUID | Eddie the Eagle Museum| AAF

Video opening by Judith Siemons | Graphic Design by Goedsnik

July 10th, 2012
Night Lovers

“Our ability to wear masks is an indispensable condition to form a society.” – Sigmund Freud

The series Nachtliefdes is inspired by Super Amigos, a documentary by Arturo Perez Torres about Mexican superheroes and their masks. Noorlander got fascinated with people who blindly follow their heroes, without caring much about their true identities. Nachtliefdes is a series that celebrates the one night stand as a nightly hero whose true identity is never revealed. They stay with you, folded between your sheets, some of them for weeks, some of them for years, familiar in their strangeness, strange in their familiarity.

Media type: Collage
Technique: Analog photography and illustration on aluminum dibond 100 x 150 cm

Exhibit: Arti et Amicitiae | Exit Art Gallery Amsterdam | De Balie – Vers Bloed | De Avonden – VPRO



July 10th, 2012
Il n’est poinT de Bonheur sans Toi, sans Ton Amour.
Stop-motion animation

Winner of the Museum Price – ZomerExpo 2012. Awarded by Benno Tempel (Gemeentemuseum The Hague), Edwin Jacobs (Centraal Museum Utrecht) and Arnoud Odding (Rijksmuseum Twente).

Three short stopmotion animations set in a turn of a century French Cinema. Satirically depicting the horrors, twists and turns of romanticism within a culture norm. Underneath the sweet crooning tenderness of love lies an unspoken cruelty that passion can bring out.

Media type: Stop-motion animation | collage
Technique: Old French cards / Paper / Acrylic paint / Fabric
Duration: 00:03:30 minutes

Exhibit at ZomerExpo 2012 – Gemeente Museum Den Haag | MILK | Arti et Amicitiae | Radio interview De Avonden – VPRO


July 10th, 2012
The Musicman

“A young man, handsome, extremely happy. He was by himself an entire orchestra. His chest was his bongo, his mouth both trumpet and trombone. A breath in was his bass, a breath-out, his string section. Vocal Chords, fingers, feet, everything flowed together into one big orchestra.” – Arthur Japin (Magonische Verhalen).

The man in this piece became the central figure of the installation [2x3x2m]. With the almost impossible desire to grasp this man’s long forgotten life and identity, hooked in his sixties-kitchen. An audio-visual installation in which various sound-samples, animations and moving objects build up to a cacophony of sounds, only to end in total silence. During the research the author and the artist had a vivid correspondence. Japin wrote about the installation in his diary Zoals dat gaat met wonderen, 2008.

Media type: Installation / Stop-motion animation / Sound

Technique: Hardboard / Wallpaper / Objects / Beamers / Flat-screen

Dimension: 2x3x2 m (installation)
Duration: 00:03:37 minutes (animations and sound)
Location: KABK / Cokkie Snoei / Theater Zeebelt / Noordje


July 10th, 2012
Ratelier Faam
Installation | performance

A performance on identity and a critique on consumer society in which authentic bodyparts are increasingly hard to find. Mass consumption makes old archetypes disappear. During the performance dentures are engraved with your name, giving them the pret-à-porter identity we seem to cherish so much.

The performance was part of the temporary exhibition Eddie The Eagle Shopping Centre [Magna Plaza, Amsterdam] which provided a ‘Post Modern Shopping’ experience, run by artists.

Media type: Installation | performance
Technique: Denture / Engraving equipment / Acrylic paint
Client: Eddie The Eagle Museum / Nuit Blanche Amsterdam

July 10th, 2012

The second-hand objects, personal photos and collected images of the internet are innocent at first, but change under circumstances. What was once pure and vulnerable becomes dangerous and alarming.

This process is unveiled in multiple layered prints using different techniques as thinner and embroidery. Visitors of the opening were handed a box of worn children’s underwear with soft-porn prints on them.

Media type: Poster / Collage / Analogue photography

Technique: Fabric / Thinner / Embroidery / Photo-prints
Dimension: Different sizes
Location: KABK, The Hague