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Merel Noorlander
Beeldend Kunstenaar

Maakgemeenschap De Hoop
Studio C01 – B
Barndegat 6
1505 HN Zaandam

Phone: 0031 (0) 614405784
Mail: info[at]merelnoorlander.com

Merel Noorlander (1984, NL) is visual artist, curator and art educator. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague (2007), fine art department. Her work combines 2D and 3D in foldable installations and performances. She designs research-, art- and educational programs based on contemporary urban issues and social topics based on tradition and transgression with the aim of self-empowerment. Translated and presented in a crossover of art disciplines, audience participation, and foldable, nomadic design. Her work has been shown in both national and international galleries, art institutions, theaters and public spaces. Noorlander runs her own studio with an art collective of artist and designers at De Hoop in Zaandam, is part of the program committee at Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, and frequently collaborates with cultural partners at home and abroad.

Together with Arthur Kneepkens (Theaterstraat), Noorlander founded De Nieuwe Banne and SAM [Social Artistic Museum], thereby designing and researching “social artistic tools” in communication between residents, the arts and the municipality.


(2016 – now) Program committee art Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. PC artist members: Merel Noorlander, Richtje Reinsma, Selby Gildemacher, Dorien de Wit, Radek Vana, Paul Nassenstein


(2019) Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs – smARTdates; ING, TENT
(2019) Masterclass RISO, Paper Fetish Amsterdam (NL)
(2018) Masterclass Transformation, materials and architecture by Daria Zeruto, Amsterdam (NL)
(2016) Private Masterclasses Pop-Up Design by Philippe UG and Damien Schoëvaërt Brossault, Paris (FR)
(2014) Masterclass Le Pop-Up sur Scène by Damien Schoëvaërt–Brossault at Compagny Arketal, Cannes (FR)
(2013) Masterclass Object Theatre by Eric de Sarria at Compagny Philippe Genty, Paris (FR)
(2007) Graduated Bachelor Fine Art | Painting Department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL). Thesis; Bounderies between reality and fiction in theatre design and films. Interviews with JL Godard, L von Trier, P Genty, B Brecht and F Fellini. Internship: Alba Theaterhuis – Enter Ophelia (2006)

(2020) #HoeGaatHetEchtMetJe Billboard project – Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten
(2020) SAM [Sociaal Artistiek Museum] – AFK, Bank GiroLoterij Fonds, Over het IJ Festival
(2020) KadS [Kunst aan de Schinkel] – Bank GiroLoterij Fonds, PBCF, Mondriaan Fonds, AFK, Gemeente Amsterdam, Soledad
(2020) Winterpark Eendrachtspark – Gemeente Amsterdam Nieuw West, Fonds voor Nieuw West, Over het IJ Festival
(2020) Motley performance – Stichting Gerbrandy, Soledad Senlle Art Foundation
(2019) Orakel art manifestation – AWARD winner best exhibit art institute, presented by Stichting Museumnight Jury <35 y
(2019) De Nieuwe Banne – Gemeente Amsterdam, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie
(2018) Orakel – AFK, Prins Bernhard CultuurFonds, Lira Fonds, Gemeente Amsterdam
(2018) Out of Order – Fonds Kwadraat, AFK, Stichting Stokroos
(2018) De Nieuwe Banne – Van Eesteren-Flunck & van Lohuizen, St. Huibert van Saane, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
(2017) The Inside Out, The Outside In – STROOM, Stichting Stokroos, Gemeente Amsterdam
(2017) Het Mysterie van de Waarheid – AFK, Stichting Stokroos, Lira Fonds
(2017) The Roof – Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, BankGiroLoterij, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie
(2016) Tramplein Purmerend – Nominated Arie Keppler Price, with Next Architects and Gemeente Purmerend
(2015) Lady-in-waiting – Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, AFK
(2012) Il n’est point de Bonheur sans toi – AWARD winner Museum Price Zomerexpo – Gemeente Museum, The Hague

Curriculum Vitae

(2019) No Mans Art Gallery, Amsterdam Group exhibition Essentials

(2019/2020) Soledad Art Foundation, Amsterdam – curator Art Manifestation KadS [Kunst aan de Schinkel]

(2020) Current: a space, Amsterdam, NL – SAM performance at symposium Let’s begin

(2019) The Room Contemporary Art Space, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice Arti Biennale (IT) – Motley performance

(2019) TAAK | Placemakers, Amsterdam, NL – SAM performance

(2019) CAWA #10 jaar, Amsterdam, NL – SAM performance

2019 Frascati, Amsterdam, NL – SAM performance at StadsLab#2 | 

(2018) Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam – curator Museum Night Manifestation Orakel

(2018)    This Art Fair, Amsterdam –  Erotic Engine and curator Performance Program

(2018 )   MILK | Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam – Group exhibition Out of Order, installation and performance

(2017)    This Art Fair, Amsterdam –  Motley

(2017)    No Studio, Amsterdam – Group exhibition Ambiguity

(2017) Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam – curator Museum Night Manifestation Mysterie van de Waarheid

(2017) Quartair, The Hague –  curator and artist group exhibition The Inside Out, The Outside In 

(2016)    This Art Fair | MILK, Amsterdam – solo show D’un Animal, L’autre

(2016)    Digital Art Festival Greece – Group exhibition REThink 

(2016)    Opium, Amsterdam – Group exhibition Torenkamer Festival

(2016)    Melkweg Galerie, Amsterdam – Group exhibition Platform Platvorm

(2015)    Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam – Solo exhibition Lady-in-waiting

(2015)    MILK, Amsterdam – Group exhibition Final Show

(2015)    Galerie Bart Invites, Amsterdam – Group exhibition Platform, Platvorm

(2015)    Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam – Group exhibition De waarde van het verenigen

(2014)    NDSM-werf | Treehouse, Amsterdam – curator and artist group exhibition Alice

(2014)    MILK, Amsterdam – Solo exhibition Lady-in-waiting

(2013)    MILK, Amsterdam – Group exhibition Lijdensweg West

(2013)    De Balie, Amsterdam – Duo exhibition Portable Mountains

(2012)    Gemeente Museum, The Hague – Group exhibition – Zomerexpo | INPDB winner Museum price

(2011)    Noordje, Amsterdam – Group exhibition Ondersteboven

(2010)  Joost van Hezik | ITS Festival, Amsterdam – curator exhibit UtoLab

(2008)   Gallery Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam – Group exhibition Made in Berlin

(2007)   Royal Academy of Art, The Hague – Group exhibition Graduation show







(2020) TAAK, Amsterdam Museum, Theaterstraat ea., Amsterdam – Billboard project #HoeGaatHetEchtMetJe

(2020) Josefin Arnell, 3Package Deal; Over ’t IJ Producties, Eye filmmuseum and st. NDSM-werf, Amsterdam – production A Wild Filly Story

(2020) Over ’t IJ Producties, Gemeente Amsterdam – community art installation at Eendrachtspark Winterpark

(2020) Theaterstraat | TAAK | Placemakers | Amsterdam Museum – Social Artistic Research SAM

(2020)  SnowApple, theatre tour Mexico & NL – Project Lucy foldable design

(2020)  Theaterstraat | Primo Exposures | Gemeente Amsterdam – De Nieuwe Banne Diamantlamp

(2020) Theaterstraat | HKU | Gemeente Amsterdam – De Nieuwe Banne 5 opdrachtgeversschap

(2019) DNB 4 – Theaterstraat | Carve Architects | Gemeente Amsterdam

(2019) Theaterstraat i.c.w. TAAK, CAWA ao, Amsterdam – Social Artistic Research SAM [Social Art Museum]

(2019) Theaterstraat i.c.w. Over het IJ Festival, Moha, Gemeente Amsterdam a.o., Amsterdam – Social artistic research program De Nieuwe Banne

(2018) Frascati, Amsterdam Social Social Artistic research SAM part of De Onvertelde Stad

(2018)   Playful Art Festival | Grand Theatre | Het Huis | van Abbemuseum e.a. – Installation design and performance Unfolding Routines with MOHA collective

(2017)   MIMA Festival Animalité, Mirepoix (FR)  – Installation design and performance D’un animal, l’autre with Eric de Sarria (Cie Mots de Tête | Philippe Genty)

(2017)   ICAF, Rotterdam – Installation design and performance The Roof with MOHA collective

(2016)   MIMA, Mirepoix (FR) – Residency D’un Animal, L’autre with Eric de Sarria (Cie Mots de Tête | Philippe Genty)

(2016)   Het Veem huis voor Performance, Amsterdam – Installation design, performance and workshops The Roof with MOHA collective

(2016)   Eddie the Eagle Museum, Amsterdam – Installation design and performance De Nacht de Baas; 5 jaar in 1

(2016)   Opium, Amsterdam – Residency Torenkamer

(2015)   Eddie the Eagle Museum | SSBA,  Amsterdam – Performance Kunstenaarsbal

(2015)   CBK ZuidOost, Amsterdam – Installation design Office of Lost Time with MOHA

(2015)   Gemeente Purmerend – Collage design 150m2 Tramplein i.c.w. Next Architects, Wiseguys A’dam

(2015)   OPEN AIR Bijlmer, Amsterdam – Installation design Office of Lost Time with MOHA

(2014)   MILK, Amsterdam – Residency Lady-in-waiting

(2014)   Tatyana van Walsum | Paleis het Loo –Exhibit design Sissi 

(2013)   Storytellers de Jonge Honden, Theatretour NL – Theatre design Mahabharata

(2013) Janne Schra, National theatre tour, NL – Theatre esign De Nieuwe … Janne Schra

(2013)   Parksessies, Haarlem – Installation design Fly away from the Monsoon

(2013) Tatyana van Walsum, commissioned by the Polish National Ballet, Warsaw (PL) – Ballet design Century Rolls

(2012) Tatyana van Walsum, National Ballet, Amsterdam –Ballet Design Bolero

(2012)   Tatyana van Walsum/ TIN, Den Haag – Exhibit design Who is the Fool?

(2011)    Nuit Blanche | Eddie the Eagle Museum, Amsterdam – Installation design and performance Ratelier Faam

(2008)  Vis à Vis | RO Theater – Theatre Design Daklozen on Ice, regie Pieter Kramer



(2020) Article Muntje voor de Oversteek | guest editor – De Nieuwe, Arti et Amicitiae, NL

(2019) Review Pleuriversum Museumnacht – Het Parool, NL

(2019) Interviews Pleuriversum Museumnacht – AT5, NL

(2019) Publications, magazine, documentaries De Nieuwe Banne, SAM

(2018) Review IJverig spinnen de motortjes in deftige Amsterdamse kunstclub – NRC, NL

(2018) Studio interview Studio 65, Merel Noorlander and friends by Najiba Brakkee – Trenbeheer, NL

(2018) Review Kritische erotische vouwkunst met humor – Yoga Magazine International

(2018) Article The Erotic Engine – De Nieuwe, NL

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(2015)   Artist Monographs Merel Noorlander

(2015)   Review Gloednieuw en Historisch; Tramplein – Noord-Hollands Dagblad

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(2012)   Radio–interview Statie 12 – Lijdensweg, EO, Hilversum

(2011)   Stencils UtoLab with Lotte van Gelder, Valentijn Rambonnet, Rogier Delfos

(2011)   Radio–interview Ratelier Faam – Red Light Radio, Amsterdam

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(2008)  Biography Musicman; Zoals dat gaat met wonderen (page 437,438) – Arthur Japin, Arbeiders Pers

(2007)  Review Fris werk in een beetje brave sfeer by Marina de Vries – De Volkskrant

(2007)  Catalogue Graduation show, KABK, The Hague

2020) The Beach, Amsterdam – Workshop Utopie

(2020/2019) HKU Games & interaction and Minor Healthy Living Environment, Utrecht – Opdrachtgeverschap De Nieuwe Banne 5

(2020) Gemeente, Amsterdam – Workshop De Nieuw Banne 4

(2019) Lemon Tree House (IT) – Artist-in-residence, tutor, lecturer

(2019) ArteZ, Arnhem – Guest advisor graduation year

(2019) Lukida, Amsterdam – Guest teacher PO

(2018) Lemon Tree House (IT) – guest artist-in-residence, tutor, lecturer

(2018)  NDSMKinderatelier, commissioned by stichting NDSM-werf, Ferrotopia – Joep van Lieshout, Amsterdam – workshops Art, Heritage and Technics

(2018) Das Arts, Amsterdam – workshops Social Design & Mapping with Alice Pons

(2018) Theaterstraat, commissioned by Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam – Program | workshops De Nieuwe Banne with Arthur Kneepkens

(2017) NDSM Kinderatelier, commissioned by Stichting NDSM-werf, Amsterdam – workshops Art, Heritage and Technics

(2017) Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag – Guest teacher Fine Art 4th year Portfolio Pitch 

(2017) Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag – Guest teacher Fine Art 4th year Portfolio Pitch 

(2016) NDSM Kinderatelier, commissioned by Stichting NDSM-werf, Amsterdam – workshops Art, Heritage and Technics 

(2016) MOHA Collective, commissioned by Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam – program | workshops The Roof  with TU Eindhoven, Regenboog Group, CASCO, DAS Arts a.o.

(2015) Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam – Guest-teacher VAV 2nd and 3rd year The Review | An Extra Eye

(2015)  826 National and Europe (Londen, UK) – Representative Noordje symposium Wright for a bright Future, guest teacher, lecturer

(2015 – 2012) Noordje i.c.w. Rabobank Kunstzone Utrecht, Framer Framed, Stichting NDSM, Wijsneus, Musea, Amsterdam – Projectleader | program | workshops  Noordje op de NDSM-werf, Noordje naar het Museum, Museumridders, SAIL, Zomerschool Amsterdam Noord, Noordjes Kunstacademie a.o.

(2013) Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam – Guest teacher, lecturer Fine Art 4th year symposium Victory over the Sun, curated by Claire Butcher