What do ‘social distancing’ and ‘the 6 feet society’ mean for a profession and inhabitants of Amsterdam? What expertise, tips, skills or knowledge to deal with this crisis would you like to share with the city and society at large? 

In the coming weeks we are gathering stories and statements based on a variety of expertises and experiences before, during and hopefully after Covid-19. The stories will be gathered and captured in powerful and poetic quotes, which will be designed and printed on an A1 billboard campaign throughout the city of Amsterdam.

The voices will become part of a very varied chorus, in which each of us will be heard in their own unique way. We will use public space as our canvas, clear and on target. Across the distances we have been taught to keep, in the belief that our words will be heard by those who needed to hear. In the freedom to represent ourselves, as a demand for social justice, an act of self care and respect to the self and others.

Initiators ~ Merel Noorlander and Arthur Kneepkens

Commited artists ~ Claartje Chajes, Janine van Toussaint (MAP), Nina Karim van Oort, Fouad Lakbir, Luan Buleshkaj

Graphic Design ~ Yuri Veerman

Assitant ~ Jovana Stulic

With kind financial support by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten / sponsored by Centercom, DWC print