Night Lovers

“Our ability to wear masks is an indispensable condition to form a society.” – Sigmund Freud

The series Nachtliefdes is inspired by Super Amigos, a documentary by Arturo Perez Torres about Mexican superheroes and their masks. Noorlander got fascinated with people who blindly follow their heroes, without caring much about their true identities. Nachtliefdes is a series that celebrates the one night stand as a nightly hero whose true identity is never revealed. They stay with you, folded between your sheets, some of them for weeks, some of them for years, familiar in their strangeness, strange in their familiarity.

Media type: Collage
Technique: Analog photography and illustration on aluminum dibond 100 x 150 cm

Exhibit: Arti et Amicitiae | Exit Art Gallery Amsterdam | De Balie – Vers Bloed | De Avonden – VPRO