The Musicman

“A young man, handsome, extremely happy. He was by himself an entire orchestra. His chest was his bongo, his mouth both trumpet and trombone. A breath in was his bass, a breath-out, his string section. Vocal Chords, fingers, feet, everything flowed together into one big orchestra.” – Arthur Japin (Magonische Verhalen).

The man in this piece became the central figure of the installation [2x3x2m]. With the almost impossible desire to grasp this man’s long forgotten life and identity, hooked in his sixties-kitchen. An audio-visual installation in which various sound-samples, animations and moving objects build up to a cacophony of sounds, only to end in total silence. During the research the author and the artist had a vivid correspondence. Japin wrote about the installation in his diary Zoals dat gaat met wonderen, 2008.

Media type: Installation / Stop-motion animation / Sound

Technique: Hardboard / Wallpaper / Objects / Beamers / Flat-screen

Dimension: 2x3x2 m (installation)
Duration: 00:03:37 minutes (animations and sound)
Location: KABK / Cokkie Snoei / Theater Zeebelt / Noordje