#HoeGaatHetEchtMetJe x Amsterdam Museum

Now online as exhibit space at Corona in de Stad x Amsterdam Museum, with more then 100.000 visitors so far. Exhibit officially opened by the mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema. #HoeGaatHetEchtMetJe 7 Amsterdam communities
12 local community artists
700 A0/A1 posters throughout the city of Amsterdam
Initiators Merel Noorlander & Arthur Kneepkens assistance/Social Media PR Jovana Stulic.
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The Rock

Lately I dived into the world of designing interactions and building rapid machine learning (ML) prototypes. By utilizing Wekinator and Processing software, multiple wearables are prototyped to interact desires and needs.
With these foldable prototypes I’m exploring new areas of social and emotional design on different scale, dimension. Exploring the limits of natural folding into a combination of programming, transformation and sensing.

During the last months I worked intensively with Julie who got stuck at home in Paris during the pandemic as Covid sensitive. Her desire; more hugs and intimacy, beyond political and geographical boundaries. (more…)
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MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art

MFA 4D DESIGN 2020 – 2022 at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, US. One of the best things that happened to me last year was being accepted by AIR Carla Diana as Cranbrook 4D MFA student 2022 in Michigan US. Working on body gestures with software as Wekinator and Processing, capturing motion and light in combo with paper engineering and origami, queer studies, social design, performance and video. (more…)
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Wild Filly Story – Josefin Arnell

Last summer I did production for Josefin Arnell and her new film WILD FILLY STORY that opened at the Oslo Art Weekend. In close connection with the young crew at Floradorp Ranch in Amsterdam North we developed acting classes and worked intensively with each other and the horses to further develop the characters. (more…)
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What do ‘social distancing’ and ‘the 6 feet society’ mean for a profession and inhabitants of Amsterdam? What expertise, tips, skills or knowledge to deal with this crisis would you like to share with the city and society at large?  In the coming weeks we are gathering stories and statements based on a variety of expertises and experiences before, during and hopefully after Covid-19. The stories will be gathered and captured in powerful and poetic quotes, which will be designed and printed on an A1 and A0 billboard campaign throughout the city of Amsterdam for 6 months. (more…)
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