#paperkiss I, II and III

31x20x10 cm
Tyvek Classic
Padoek wood Hand folded by Merel Noorlander Studio; a form of wearable art, made with comfort, design and play in mind. For the folded facemask I carefully selected material with a great softness, combi of paper, fabric and protective coating, tear-resistant, strong, light and washable. The artworks will be presented at The Essential Shop June 1st – July 26th 2020 @ No Man’s Art Gallery, Bos en Lommerweg 88/90, Amsterdam. The artists get 100% of the sales amount, the gallery takes no cut and will put the buyer in direct contact with the artists. More info about my saleable work @MerelNoorlander_studio_support, and if you are interested in buying other pieces, dont hesitate to contact me. See …
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Art lobby, NRC, Volkskrant, Het Parool, online petition

Samen met kunstenaar Katinka Simonse, theatermaker Camie Bonger, This Art Fair directeur Mette Samkalden, bestuurslid Nederlandse Galerie Associatie Jaring Dürst Britt en cabaretier Erik van Muiswinkel schreef ik onderstaande brief en petitie. Een urgente oproep aan minister van Engelshoven: maak investeringen in kunst fiscaal aantrekkelijker! In aankoop én opdrachtgeverschap voor kunstenaars, fotografen, muzikanten, filmmakers, theatermakers en alle professionele makers daartussenin. Juist nu! Link opiniestuk NRC, klik hier. Link petitie, onderteken mee! Klik hier. (more…)
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KadS x Soledad Senlle Art Foundation

Proud to co-curate and announce the upcoming 5th edition of KadS [Kunst aan de Schinkel] Entre Nous- The magic of the unexpected encounter by Soledad Senlle Art Foundation at the Vondelpark & Schinkel area Amsterdam. Initiator and artistic director Marisol Ferradas with curators Merel Noorlander, Eva Gonggrijp and project coordinator Claartje Kortbeek. Participating artists: Maria Barnas, Maarten Bel, Martijn Engelbregt, Zoro Feigl, Arnon Grunberg, Eduardo Guerrero, Manon van Hoeckel, Atelier Van Lieshout, Studio Ossidiana, RadioNoordAmsterdam Due to COVID-19 regulations, the upcoming KadS edition is postponed to 16th of May – 26th of June 2021. Fortunately, by making the decision now, we (team, artists and partners) have enough time to adjust this edition so that nothing will be lost. In the meantime, we …
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DNB x BanneBak x HKU

ITS WRAP ✨Showcase HKU with our students, super proud of the intensive social practice process of recent 6 months and their design for De Nieuwe Banne; social design into a mobile game and platform; de BanneBak. All students succeeded with excellence ✨ With the BanneBak you can playfully create a design for your neighborhood and discover together what is going on in a neighborhood. The game was developed together with residents of Banne Noord, and can be used in any neighborhood, village or city. The method is intended to introduce creativity among users and jointly come up with innovative ideas for your own living environment. Clients/opdrachtgevers; Merel Noorlander and Arthur Kneepkens, Theaterstraat Amsterdam (more…)
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De Nieuwe Banne x Superwijk

Workshop ‘De Nieuwe Banne -Superwijk’ with youngsters and Gemeente Amsterdam at De Kleine Wereld Amsterdam North. The process is developed to involve children and their parents in the participatory urban design for their neighborhood and public space. The underlying idea is to expose existing desires and expertise about the neighborhood through these participation methods, to stimulate active citizenship from an early age and to develop child-friendly cities. With great assistance of Laura Jehle! Program by Merel Noorlander and Arthur Kneepkens. Play ‘Bannebak’ in picture 2 is developed with HKU students. (more…)
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