DNB x BanneBak x HKU

ITS WRAP ✨Showcase HKU with our students, super proud of the intensive social practice process of recent 6 months and their design for De Nieuwe Banne; social design into a mobile game and platform; de BanneBak. All students succeeded with excellence ✨

With the BanneBak you can playfully create a design for your neighborhood and discover together what is going on in a neighborhood. The game was developed together with residents of Banne Noord, and can be used in any neighborhood, village or city. The method is intended to introduce creativity among users and jointly come up with innovative ideas for your own living environment.

Clients/opdrachtgevers; Merel Noorlander and Arthur Kneepkens, Theaterstraat Amsterdam

Developed with students from the HKU ‘Games & interaction’ and Minor ‘Healthy Living Environment challenge’; Oiwai Yiu , Eddy Klappe, Anne van Oers, Lizzy Becks, Pippi Dijkstra en Jasper Oprel. Tutoren HKU; Lotte Vergouwen and Tim Bosje.