D’un animal, L’autre – Residence

Title: D’un animal, L’autre
Label: Residence
Year: 2017
Materials: Various
Collaboration: Eric de Sarria
Commissioned by: Residence

The artists Eric de Sarria and Merel are immersed for two months, in autumn 2016 in the Pays de Mirepoix to realize a participatory project around animality with workshops, conferences, master classes, installations, performances, (empiric) historical tours and field research.

D’un Animal, L’autre is a territorial territory project commissioned by MIMA Mirepoix and funded by DRAC Occitanie, the European program. Leader, The community of communes of the Pays de Mirepoix.

Inhabitants of Mirepoix (FR) are invited to participate in a double (artistic) inquiry into the human-animal relationship and to question the animal part that is hidden (or not) in each of us.

A participatory research for two months in the history of the territory and its animal traces; finalised in the performance “Animalibus”, which will restore the words of some gargoyles and sculpted heads of the House of Consuls, and presented as a performance event at the end of residency. Results of their residence, as installation, counts in objects and images of meeting times, exchanges, workshop with the inhabitants and many others.

In order to allow Eric Jean Lou S. to advance in their investigations of the strange phenomena of which the public space and its inhabitants are the research-object, the community of Mirepoix can bring their testimony, by means of a anonymous questionnaire or by visiting the experts their investigative office that will be inaugurated at 18 Cours Colonel-Petitpied, on Monday 24 October at 6 pm.

The residence artists also offer empiric historical tours. Startingpoint under the Halle by an offbeat visit, in collaboration with an historian. During the residency we were held multiple workshops of foldable design, material, masks, performance and many more with inhabitants, young schoolstudents and experts as theatremakers and designers.

Video-document by Eric Massua, video artist and photographer.


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