Foldable structures x SnowApple

Foldable structures for the international tour of SnowApple in South America. An intensive research in materials and gravity to find a balance between form and movement with a minimum of manipulation and a maximum effect. The objects are breathing, into surprising transformations connected to the scenery. A contemporary unfolded universe, with pleated patterns and transforming structures combined with the body.


Objects are alive, with an actual shimmering kind of quality and we should allow ourselves to be moved and question movement. As a maker I play and experiment with the notion of a static installation and at the same time a living creature, keeping hidden till deemed safe, then revealing, trying to expand and explore realms of endless possibilities. Turning simple sheet materials (paper, plastics, wood, fabric, aluminium) into folds, with the additional capability that it can transform, expand and contract. Every material requires its own approach. The goal is to further experiment and develop these certain materials, forms and structures, adaptable to each social issue or location.


is a group of multi-instrumentalists, theatremakers and singers from Amsterdam and Mexico. Project Lucy combines music, mime, puppetry and science with a wide range of instruments and objects.

The group is currently touring in Mexico and will perform at several art institutes and music festivals.

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With many thanks to

Nora Tinholt, mime player of Snowapple. Dario Zeruto for his dedication, advice and knowledge. Assistance; Rianne van Duin, Sanne Noorlander, Mariska (Boekiewonderland), Kim Nathalia and Mirko Lazovic. Nancy Rusek for her intensive masterclass, bringing the objects alive. Wannes Verhees for the flight cases.