Havenhoofd Purmerende

Media type: Collage | Glas Design
Location: Tramplein Purmerend
Client: Gemeente Purmerend
In collaboration with: NEXT Architects | Marco Cops, Wiseguys (Production supervisor) |  Luna X

Design glasscollage for the new busstation Tramplein at Purmerend. The design consists of a transparent print with historic imagery, enclosed in laminated glass. The collage presents a series of historic images from the archives of Stichting Historisch Purmerend and Trammuseum Haarlem, combined with drawings from the artist own hand. Noorlander created a unifying aesthetics in which the past is connected with the present.

Tramplein just got a nominations for the Arie Keppler Prijs, an important contest for environmental quality in (non)residential constructions, urban design, landscape planning and cultural history in the North of Holland. The final winners will be announced 23rd of September 2016.

For more info about Tramplein please click here.

Special thanks to: Ingrid GoversVereniging Historisch Purmerend and NZH Vervoermuseum