#HoeGaatHetEchtMetJe x Amsterdam Museum

Now online as exhibit space at Corona in de Stad x Amsterdam Museum,

with more then 100.000 visitors so far.

Exhibit officially opened by the mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema.


7 Amsterdam communities
12 local community artists
700 A0/A1 posters throughout the city of Amsterdam

Initiators Merel Noorlander & Arthur Kneepkens

assistance/Social Media PR Jovana Stulic.

#HoeGaatHetEchtMetJe shares stories and knowledge about that what needed to be heard right now. Together with ten other artists, we’ve visited seven communities to ask people how they were really doing, what they needed, what expertise they could share with other locals, and what thoughts, habits, and feelings they wanted to remember after this crisis. In entryphone and balcony conversations, on closed wards and in (market) squares, they spoke to elderly people in closed nursing homes and adolescents in secondary education, market vendors, sex workers, artists, and many others.

The core of these conversations took the form of quotes, political and other statements, and poems. Designer Yuri Veerman created an overarching visual idiom for these, encapsulating all the diverse ideas in a series of A0 and A1 size posters.

Involved communities and artists
Luan Buleshkaj and Fouad Lakbir – residents of West and Nieuw-West; in collaboration with the Gouden Mannen (and many other partners);

Janine Toussaint, Diane Elshout and Noud Verhave of Moving Arts Project – visitors and residents of the Krugerplein Amsterdam Oost;

Claartje Chajes – elderly people from Noord, in collaboration with Cordaan;

Nina Karim van Oort – Heesterveld community; the community around the market on the Anton de Komplein; Hart voor de K-buurt, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

Eva Gonggrijp – teenagers at various secondary schools in Amsterdam;

Rachel Rumai Diaz – female artists, poets and storytellers in Amsterdam;

Merel Noorlander and Arthur Kneepkens – online and offline sex workers and a client; in cooperation with Trans United Europe/Trans BPOC European network and PIC in Amsterdam-Centrum.

For the link to our online exhibit, click here: coronaindestad

PIC x Merel Noorlander x Arthur Kneepkens, Amsterdam Centrum
Tante Dientje x Cordaan x Claartje Chajes, Amsterdam Noord
Sweelinck College x Barleaus Gymnasium x Eva Gonggrijp x June Gibbs, Amsterdam