Media type: mechanical pop-up installation | performance | costume
Location residency: MILK Amsterdam art and performance venue, Red-light district, Amsterdam
Exhibit: MILK Amsterdam  | Arti et Amicitiae  | EYE Filmmuseum  | BAUT ZUID | Eddie the Eagle Museum| AAF

INSTALLATION Elaborating on the idea of sexual pleasure as a common good, Merel Noorlander uses 19th century anatomical drawings to produce a series of pop-up objects that, as machines, are powered by sexual lust and seduction. They function as autonomous creatures, giving the work a fragile and shaky dynamism. The penis as the ubiquitous tyrant becomes a vulnerable organism, sprouting or hiding behind its paper jacket.

PERFORMANCE During a surrealistic performance in one of the black brothel rooms of MILK, the audience itself were encouraged to relinquish its own experience of lust. The individual visitor got seduced as a customer, asking him or her to pick their own theme: an organ of choice. Complete surrender followed – research, concept and performance in collaboration with performers Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky (MOHA).

ARTICLES about the artistic research in De Nieuwe (VUUR issue), please click here for the complete text. Read also more on Red Studio Diaries and watch the video of the opening at MILK Amsterdam.

Video opening by Judith Siemons | Graphic Design flyer by Goedsnik