MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art

MFA 4D DESIGN 2020 – 2022 at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, US.

One of the best things that happened to me last year was being accepted by AIR Carla Diana as Cranbrook 4D MFA student 2022 in Michigan US. Working on body gestures with software as Wekinator and Processing, capturing motion and light in combo with paper engineering and origami, queer studies, social design, performance and video.                                         


The department explores the myriad ways that the physical world around us has become infused with an undercurrent of flowing data, turning everyday experiences into connected, feedback-driven interactions that are transforming every aspect of culture and society. We build on Cranbrook’s historic legacy as relative new department of experimental design activities to produce new forms from experimental materials–while redefining craft to encompass a broad range of outcomes including interactive objects, projected images, embedded electronics, applied robotics, computer-controlled machining, 3D printing and mixed reality environments.


 My research is a crossover between performance, technology and design. The goal is to create alternative stories and formats, within a wide variety of perspectives and bodies, male, female and beyond. Interweaving intimacy and contemporary objects in new settings that will glow, heat, fold, move, blow and drip. Explored from various cultural, political and social backgrounds, desires and needs. Therefore I present: 4D as a new socio-political status.


With other artists and designers as Annie on campus who share the interest in queer theory I recently re-started an Academy-wide queer kinship group that will share resources in the form of readings, and studio visits into theory and politics. Hereby we will lead discussion groups as well as encourage other forms of expression through writing and art making. 

Campus Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, US.
Panelist with Chris Kay and AIR Carla Diana at 4D Design Department Webinar
My studio at 4D Department, Cranbrook Academy of Art
Queerbrook with Brian Kovach and Annie Meyer e.a.