The Erotic Engine

A choreography of artworks of various materials (hard, soft, metal, paper, fabric) and everyday objects that vibrates with timers, invite interaction and together form a symphony.

An erotic, pornographic play paradise that not only entertains, but also expresses the contemporary problems of our generation and the search for sexuality. In this, the viewer becomes a partaker of this quest, in which the makers do not pretend to have a ready-made answer, but playfully open the conversation, in which passers-by are included, enclosed, challenged, can participate, look, peep, sit, stand, lean against.

The objects are in space, hang, roll out, roll in, bulbs up, blow up, slide open, reveal and disappear again. After the time span of the discharge, there is room for recharging, slowly reconstructing the corridors of the visitor, until the physical violence of the objects once again erupts. After every interaction and at the same time, the space will abruptly transform into an everyday setting with a permanent visible legacy of liquid excess on the exhibition floor.

The Erotic Engine is the collaboration project of Merel Noorlander and Oscar Peters. By entering into close cooperation and combining the often erotic and unfoldable work of Noorlander with the mechanical work of Peters, they created an installation that combines the different sides of eroticism within contemporary culture. Interweaving porn, sexuality, intimacy and contemporary objects in a new erotic setting.

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The Out of Order – performing objects group show has been compiled by MILK who sees a generation of artists, such as Peters and Noorlander, who experiment with industrial techniques, see social and natural forces to generate movement in their work. Their mechanical designs are not intended to present innovative solutions, but to explore the artistic discipline, form, material, time and space.

Artists: Merel Noorlander & Oscar Peters, Jorrit Paaijmans, Jean-Philippe Paumier, Joris Strijbos & Nicky Assmann, Art van Triest, Philip Vermeulen and Corine Zomer.

Special program opening: Radio/podcast by paper atelier,  openingsperformance by Maarten Bel and Willem de Haan /  closingperformance by Merel Noorlander.

Out of Order | Performing Objects
26 mei t/m 17 juni 2018

Arti et Amicitiae
Rokin 112, 1012 LB Amsterdam